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Don't Make These Mistakes During Open-Enrollment Season

Open-Enrollment began on November 1st. Now, millions of Americans will purchase their 2023 health insurance plans.

Every year during this time countless Americans get caught up in the confusion of the insurance market and purchase plans that do not come anywhere close to meeting their needs, or plans that are outright scams.

If it Seems too Good to be true, it is

There will be endless plan options to choose from, and a lot of them will not even be real plans. Now is a time when people try their hardest to sell their alternative products that are not actually health insurance. These alternatives are things such as short-term health plans and health care sharing ministries, which are often cheaper than comprehensive coverage but provide far fewer protections.

These alternatives are technically legal, they often contain misleading marketing that can direct consumers shopping for comprehensive coverage into buying health plans that exclude protections for preexisting conditions and leave patients vulnerable to large medical bills.

Look for Telltale Signs

There are often very obvious signs that the plan being sold to you is not what you want. Look out for cases when the person selling you a plan starts asking about your health history, or when they refuse to send you information about the plan altogether, or they agree to provide that information only after you give them your payment information.

Leave it to the Experts

Open-enrollment season can be an extremely stressful time to navigate yourself. Here at Monarch Benefit Advisors we can do the work for you and get you the perfect insurance coverage for your needs. Learn more or contact us today.

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