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How much will it cost?

Price depends on what you are looking for, how many employees you have, the kind of insurance you need and the benefits you want. One thing we can say is that we will help you find the most cost-effective plans available to you and/or your business. We have clients in New Jersey, New York and elsewhere in the United States.

What makes us different?

From your introductory call with us and throughout the process, your interactions with our specialists will be easy, fast and seamless in coverage. Our partners have over 13 years in the insurance industry and have new and creative ways to achieve your goal. We offer products others either don't have enough knowledge on, do not have access to or just plain don't offer.  You are under no obligation to purchase our plans. We simply let you choose if you see the value we bring and earn your business.

I already have insurance but I haven't heard from my broker, can you help me?

Sure – our specialists listen to your needs and service you in every way possible. We can come in and take over managing your policy with one signature. We will also conduct a review of ALL of your current coverage(s) at no cost and advise what we think is best. If you would like to see a range of options we can assemble a few packages for you based on your criteria. We are here to accommodate your wishes.

How do I know if I am compliant?

If you have to ask this question, you probably aren't.
Last year  employers were fined $775 MILLION dollars for compliance issues.  Let us do a no obligation audit to determine areas of potential liability and to correct them. We can build an ERISA plan that protects you and identifies areas of potential concern. Employee benefits and insurance are our business and our passion. It has taken years to amass the knowledge and insight into these benefits plans. Our specialists’ trained eyes will be able to assess your needs and review your current plans to let you know what is complaint, what can be reduced, and what can be improved. Just contact us to set up an initial discussion.

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